Estuary Cottage - 10 Robinson Road, Whitianga

The Coromandel Peninsula has its own microclimate, making the area one of the most beautiful and lush areas in the country.  Forecasting in the region is based around coastal weather forecasts, but for inland forecasts, the weather at Thames is generally similar to that found at Whitianga.

Weather forecasts can be found on the Meteorological Service Website.  The Coastal Area is covered by the Colville reporting station, and the Marine Area is the region between Mercury Island and Mount Manganui.

As a general guide, New Zealand has a temperate to subtropical climate with the seasons as follows:
Sept. - Nov.
Dec. - Feb.
Autumn (Fall):
Mar. - May
Jun. - Aug.

During the Vernal and Autumnal Equinoxes, there are occasional gusty winds and showers.