Estuary Cottage - 10 Robinson Road, Whitianga

Whitianga town is a thriving community with many things to do from spending an afternoon watching a hollywood film to throwing yourself out of an aeroplane.

For general provisions, the main street in Whitianga (Albert Street) has several stores, including FourSquare.
There are 2 banks in Whitianga, Westpac Trust and Bank of New Zealand with 3 ATMs between them (the 3rd is outside the Hammer Hardware store.)
The Post Office is located next to the BNZ.
Mercury Bay Library at Soldier Park is open during the day.
The local cinema has 2 screens and can be found on Lee Street.
For more information, including Phone Numbers, please visit the
Whitianga Information Centre Website.

For the More Adventurous:
Cave Cruzer - tours of the coast in a 25 foot ex navy inflatable, complete with music cave visits and more.
HighZone - Spend time challenging yourself physically and emotionally high above the ground.
SkyDive Whitianga - 0800 86 5867 - Throw yourself from a perfectly serviceable plane and live to tell the tale.
Banana Boat Thrills - (07) 866-5617 - A unique and exciting way to see the bay.

For the Artistic:
The Bone Studio - Bone carving classes and sculptures available to buy.
Bay Carving - The home of world renowned bone carver, Maurice.
Mike McCormack - Exclusive original oils and prints by the artist.
Camellia Lodge Garden - An all weather licensed cafe and craft shop and garden area, with camellias, roses and native trees.
Waiau Water Works - A whimsical and interactive use of "found art" and water sculptures.

For more information on things to see and do in and around Whitianga, please visit the Whitianga Information Centre Website.