Estuary Cottage - 10 Robinson Road, Whitianga

Coming from Highway 25 into Whitianga, leave the airport on your left and keep going straight until the 1st roundabout; Turn right on Joan Gaskell Drive, passing the New World supermarket on your left; keep going through the next roundabout straight on to Campbell street;
At the T junction, you'll face the post office, and at the corner on your right you'll see the Shell garage; turn right on Albert Street (the main street) and follow the river.
Estuary Cottage is on the left handside of the street after you pass the small boat ramp and a reserve; even numbers start after the reserve and 10 Robinson Road is the 4th house on your left hand side facing the river. Estuary cottage is behind the small bungalow where we have an elderly tenant (Judy);
Please note that Robinson Road odd numbers start with the houses on the right hand side.

Travel Times

2 1/2 hours from Auckland 2 1/2 hours  From Tauranga
2 1/2 hours From Hamilton 3 hours From Rotorua

The following map may prove useful

Area Map